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Boone Hilt

Boone Hilt


Productive, Efficient, Comfortable, Powerful

Commonly known in the fandom as the “Boone Kestis” saber.

For more details on Xenopixel, Proffie, and RGB Base-Lit please read the FAQ’s below.


- Blade: 36” Long (screen accurate)

- Metal Hilt

- Rechargeable

- Neopixel OR Base-Lit (choose board)


- Smooth Swing

- Removable blade

- Color change

- Blaster deflection

- Flash on clash

- Blade effects

- Duel ready


- Hilt

- Charger

- Blade Neopixel OR Base-Lit (choose board)

- Case

- Saber Stand

- Blade Plug

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