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KYBERSABERS Deluxe Carrying Case

KYBERSABERS Deluxe Carrying Case

$214.99 Regular Price
$149.99Sale Price

The KYBERSABERS Wooden Deluxe Carrying Case is a hundred percent hand made and crafted with the highest quality materials. Materials are carefully selected to ensure a weightless case for effortless handling yet sturdy and durable.

Reinforced with aircraft level metal corners to protect from impacts.

Our deluxe cases are crafted by small businesses and by choosing KYBERSABERS you’re supporting small businesses!

This case is elegant and includes 3 secure latches to ensure your items stay safely stored.

  • Warranty

    KYBERSABERS Cases include a ONE YEAR warranty if your items arrive damaged - this item has limited warranty as a case is vulnerable and expected to get some wear over time.

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