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$999.99 Regular Price
$979.99Sale Price

Introducing the Kyber Series Graflex.

An elegant piece made for those looking for fine additions to add to their collection - made from the highest quality materials by the best hilt makers in the market and installed with the best and latest sound boards available.

Featuring a kyber crystal reveal chamber and accent lights this hilt provides with the most realistic lightsaber experience you can possible get your hands on.


- Kyber Crystal Chamber (Matches Blade Styles And Effects)

- Chassis LED Accent Lights (Matches Blade Styles And Effects)

- Metal Chassis Cover

- Anakin Skywalker Font (Vader & Light Side Anakin)

- Rey Font (Graflex)

- Luke Skywalker Font (Graflex)

- 20+ Other Character Fonts

- Fully Aircraft Level Metal Hilt

- Smooth Swing

- Neopixel Technology

- Bluetooth

What’s Included

- Original 89Sabers Hilt Box

- 89Sabers Graflex Hilt Installed With Crystal Reveal Chassis

- Neopixel Blade

- Blade Plug

- Mini Screwdriver & Retention Screws

- Named Saber Stand (depending on version purchased)

- Original 89Sabers Carrying Bag

- Charger

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