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Fragmented Graflex Saber

Fragmented Graflex Saber


This lightsaber is based on The Rise Of Skywalker film (2019) when Rey was the main user of the iconic Graflex lightsaber that originally belonged to Anakin Skywalker before it was given to Luke Skywalker.

During a force battle against Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi film (2017) Rey accidentally breaks in half the Graflex lightsaber leaving it unusable until she fixes it using parts of her leather bracer.

This leather part gives the Graflex a new look and a new identity that can be identified as “Rey’s Graflex” saber.

For more details on Xenopixel, Proffie, and Base-Lit boards please check the FAQ’s below


- Blade: 36” Long (screen accurate) or choose length

- Metal Hilt

- Rechargeable

- Neopixel OR Base-Lit (choose board)


- Smooth Swing

- Removable blade

- Color change

- Blaster deflection

- Flash on clash

- 15+ sound fonts installed

- Duel ready

- Dual button saber


- Hilt

- Charger

- Blade (Neopixel OR Base-Lit)

- Instruction card

- Saber Stand

- Blade Plug

- Hard Carrying Case

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