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- Neopixel Blade


- Base Lit Blade

(Choose type)

Neopixel blades are made for Xenopixel and Proffie lightsabers and Base Lits blades are made for RGB Base-Lit lightsabers.

Durable and duel capable blades made of strong polycarbonate for both models.


Neopixel Blades WILL NOT upgrade a base lit lightsaber into a Neopixel. To upgrade your lightsaber you will need to also replace the electronics inside the saber.

  • Warranty

    KyberSabers blades include a one year warranty and we will cover for any defect in the most satisfactory way possible for the costumer. Including 100% free replacements.

  • Duel Capability

    Can I Duel With KyberSabers Blades?

    Yes! You can duel with every KyberSabers blade, our blades are made of strong ploycarbonate that ensures a great durability.

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