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Batteries Charger

Batteries Charger

$44.99 Regular Price
$29.99Sale Price

Batteries charger compatible with most saber batteries.

Simply insert your battery in the charger and plug in to a 5V charging brick to begin charge.

LED indicator will illuminate RED while charging and will turn GREEN once charge is completed.

When charge is completed the charger will automatically lower the voltage to preserve battery life.

Great for traveling and handy for compatibility.

- Fast Charging

- LED indicators

- Battery health sensor

  • Warranty

    If your battery charger arrives damaged or it doesn’t work out of the box please contact us and we will send a replacement as soon as we can - every battery charger will include a ONE YEAR warranty.


    Only use a 5V charging brick with this charger as anything below 5V will not charge your battery and anything above 5V can fry the battery.

    Most charging bricks will have the voltage printed.

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